Service Production

We specialise in film and TV productions with effective communications and economic project coordination between Japan and Europe.


About us

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Stammgestalter GmbH

Service Production

Location Management


Welcome. My name is Yuichiro Tashiro. I am the owner of Stammgestalter GmbH in Berlin, Germany. We specialise in film and TV productions with effective communications and economic project coordination between Japan and Europe. Two full-time employees and freelancers work at Stammgestalter GmbH. Our service includes complete planning and implementation for your media productions. This includes all areas such as location scouting and location management, team building, project researches, castings, production assistance on site and translation and interpreting services. We accompany you to trade fairs and events. Additionally, we help you to find the right souvenirs. If you want to achieve projects with us, don’t hesitate to contact us


Company:Stammgestalter GmbH
Services:Service production for AD(TV commercial, still), TV&online in Europe.
CEO:Yuichiro Tashiro
Address:Peter-Vischer-Straße 1, 12157 Berlin Germany
Telephone:0049 30 4373 5910


Feel free to contact us if you plan a projects between Europe and Japan.


Following your briefing, we create an initial assessment as to what we can achieve for your project. We analyse what resources are needed for your project. We take care of paperwork in advance and arrange all appointments.


Your project is fairly and realistically budgeted according to your necessary needs assessment.

Location Recce

If you need locations, we will give you suggestions from our existing database. For current photos and new location requests,  we travel to different locations to offer you
up-to-date motives.

Pre Production・Team Arrangement

To be able to carry out your projects correctly, we create schedules for you and we put together the right team for you. (DoP cameramen, drone teams, sound engineers, etc.)

Service Production

We support you on set. In case some changes occur we take care of them. We make all reservations for you. We are with you 24 hours 7 days.

Additional Research

After the shoot, we support you with any following research and usage rights.  In addition, we will take care of any reshooting that may be necessary for you.


Take a look at our colleagues.

Yuichiro Tashiro
Service Producer

In addition to my role as managing director, I am your service producer and location coordinator. Privately I like Formula 1 & E and Bouldering.

Christina Emde
Location Coordinator/Researcher

Born and grown up as bilingual in Japan. After the experience in a Japanese media-coordination-company, I started at Stammgestalter GmbH. My hobby ist watching theatrical works such as movies, dramas and dances. 

Anna Baffa Volpe
Coordinator and researcher

Buongiorno, I’m a coordinator and assistant of services mainly in Italy during international fairs and events.
My favourite thing is related to the foreign cultures, the different writing systems and the way to express things.
That’s the reason why I love research!

Yasuharu Noda
Media Coordinator, Sports Interpreter

I have been resident in Spain for over 20 years, currently living in Barcelona. After working at a Japanese company in Tokyo, I was assigned as their local correspondent in Madrid. Since then,
I worked at several local companies and gained business skills and experience. At this time, I’m working
as media coordinator and interpreter
in sports, especially football for Japanese broadcasting based in
Spain and Portugal.

Anke Goldbach
Art Director and Author

At Stammgestalter GmbH, I make sure that all pixels are straight. In the background I work on research, presentations and filming permits.
In private, I publish books about design softwares like Affinity Designer.


Client・TV Program

We introduce you some projects
which we have supported so far.

TV Commercial・AD・Movie・Drama

TV・Online Program

Human with Horses


Danish Salmon A/S

Panasonic AD


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


Nippon Television・Kyodo Television

TV Osaka・WOWOW・Sky Perfect TV!

Yomiuri TV・MBS・TV Aichi

Ryukyu Broadcasting



If you are planning projects in Europe and Japan
please feel free to contact us.

Telephone:0049 30 4373 5910
Email Address:hello(at)


 We take care of all
what your project needs

We support you at TV commercials, photos shoots, TV & online programs,
documentaries, TV reports, film permissions, castings and location recce etc.
Our mission is, to make the impossible possible!
Juts feel free to contact us.